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  • Objection Handling & Script Training

  • Live Roleplay Demonstrations

  • Build a Winning Prospecting Mindset

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Meet Your Instructor: Top Producer Kent Brown

Kent Brown will show you exactly how simple it is to consistently set listing appointments by prospecting.

For the last five years, he's made over 85,000 phone calls/year to generate 8,500 contacts. By now, he's made over 650,000 calls and has heard it all.

He'll show you how he makes over $500,000 per year by overcoming objections, building your database, and setting qualified listing appointments.

Kickstart Your Listing Appointment Skills

With this lineup and the right leads, you could get started setting listing appointments TODAY. Whether you're prospecting Expireds, FSBOs, GeoLeads, Pre-Foreclosures, or Vacant Rentals, these scripts and role-play guides will show you exactly how to handle objections and set the appointment - even when they say "no."

Build a Winning Prospecting Mindset

Beyond learning the ropes, this is about transforming the way you think and approach potential clients. We understand that the right mindset paves the path to success, which is why we've dedicated a core module to instill confidence, resilience, and effective strategies that will help you not just meet but exceed your goals.

Christian Cruz

"I’ve acquired more listings from REDX data than any other source or marketing tool. If your goals are to acquire more listings, REDX provides all the tools you need to be successful in this business!"

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"When I started, just like every other new agent, I needed leads. All of the big shots say REDX has the best data, so I’ve never had to compare the data. As long as you follow up with your leads, your pipeline will be full for the future. REDX was the quickest, easiest, most affordable way to fill my CRM."

Joe Rosen

"It takes practice!"

“Be patient. Having a positive mindset and a strong business doesn’t happen overnight. It takes work. It takes practice and commitment. And you know what? So what if it takes a long time? You’re gonna be better for it in the end, and unless you’re not planning on being in the business, there’s no other option than to get better.”

Paula Burlison

"So grateful for REDX!"

“What I love about REDX (for the simple man who’s a technology fool) is they make it easy to pick up the phone and make the calls. If you want something that’s user-friendly, something you can just log in to without being scared to make your first call, just call REDX. They’ll get you set up.”

David Ernst

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